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The Classic Years  . . . I refer to Hamilton’s "Classic Years" as beginning in 1917 with the introduction of Hamilton's first men's wristwatch and ending in 1936, the last year that wristwatches were made utilizing extensive work done by hand.  The usage of “Classic” to describe this period is arguable however, and indeed many of Hamilton’s most magnificent timepieces were made long after 1936. Nonetheless, this nineteen year period is striking for its concentration of the most desirable and stunning wristwatches Hamilton ever created.

I have tried my best to appropriately express the beauty, craftsmanship and the horological importance of these fine wristwatches, but, as with every virtual medium, this site can not possibly give justice to these fine timepieces with mere photographs and words – to actually hold a vintage Hamilton in your hands is to hold a piece of horological history, and I petition you to participate in this pursuit while these pieces are still attainable as they are becoming increasingly difficult to find. I have every confidence that this pursuit will provide you with as great a pleasure as it has given me.

New Additions  . . .

This page is dedicated to recent acquisitions and changes weekly.  The most recent update is April 30th 2011